NIROGI Lanka - Phase 2

National Initiative to Reinforce and Organize General diabetes care In Sri Lanka

Phase 2

By 2011, the NIROGI Lanka project underwent a successful mid-term review conducted by the WDF. The project was shown to have ably impacted on the important issues of diabetes care for vulnerable populations through effective capacity building of DENOs, development of multi- professional approach to care via private-public partnerships in PHC and empowerment of at- risk populations towards healthy lifestyles, demonstrating its strengths in delivering a sustainable and cohesive programme through NIROGI Lanka for tackling the NCD burden in Sri Lanka. Along with these outcomes and the well-established administrative and financial procedures of the SLMA, the core group of DPTF pledged to continue the project for another three years (Phase II).

Phase II was designed to further improve the national effort in improving the quality of diabetes care delivery specifically in maternal & child health and diabetic foot care, by capacity building of medical and allied health professionals involved in this care; developing a long term package for mothers using life cycle approach; and strengthening long-term foot care follow up of high risk individuals including those with previous ulceration and amputation to prevent limb ulceration and loss, and to reduce hospitalizations for diabetic foot complications.

Phase II was also designed to apply the lessons learnt in Phase I to pilot test the health promotion process established in Phase I in relatively neglected areas in highly urban settings, and also to evaluate the sustainability of the health promotional process already established in suburban settings.

For achieving these aims, Phase II consisted of the following three components:

  • NIROGI Maatha – Gestational diabetes care
  • NIROGI Paada – Diabetes foot care
  • NIROGI Diviya – Primary prevention of diabetes