NIROGI Lanka - Special Shoes For Diabetic Patients

National Initiative to Reinforce and Organize General diabetes care In Sri Lanka

DSI and NIROGI Sri Lanka Partner Up Onece Again to Promote Special Shoes for Giabetic Patients

The country’s leading footwear and apparel brand, DSI recently joined hands once again with Nirogi Sri Lanka on a campaign to promote the use of specially produced shoes for diabetic patients.

The primary objective of the partnership is the creation of awareness about the importance of providing proper care for those suffering of diabetes, including the use of precisely designed footwear in order to prevent harm to the sensitive blood vessels and nerves of the patient’s feet. Given that a significant percentage of the country’s population is diabetic, DSI’s CSR initiative also serves as a practical and valuable means of raising awareness about the diseases itself. Nirogi shoes are available in six special designs for men and women at affordable prices ranging from Rs. 999.90 and above. These special shoes can be found in over 100 of DSI outlets across the island to better cater to the needs of those suffering from the dieses.

Having been in partnership over the past four years, DSI and Nirogi Sri Lanka joined in signing an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the 24th of April at the Sri Lanka Medical Association office in Colombo 7. Mr. Thusitha Rajapaksa, the Managing Director of D. Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd represented the DSI Samson Group at the signing of the memorandum, which was also signed by Professor Chandrika Wijeratne, the President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association and Dr. Ruvaiz Haniffa. As the main marketing and distributing sector of the DSI Samson Group, D. Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd is one of the largest retail networks in the country that provides footwear, accessories and apparel to the local customer. The organization is the sole distributor for local footwear brands; DSI, Ranpa, Samson, Jessica and AVI while also distributing international brands such as Reebok, Puma, Fila, Clarks and Red Tape.

The D. Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd network spans over more than 200 company outlets, 4000 dealers and 50 sales representatives island wide.

DSI and Nirogi Lanka partner again to promote special shoes for diabetic patients
Rs 1,959.90
Rs. 1,349.90
Rs. 1,119.90
Rs. 1,199.90