Promotion of Physical Activities among Civil Society Organizations (CSO)



NIROGI Lanka project, Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) collaborated to provide technical expertise to conduct capacity building for Civil Society Organization members on physical activity and exercise as per the agreement with ChildFund Sri Lanka on recommendation of Directorate of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) Ministry of Health. This project was part of the Global Regulatory & Fiscal Capacity Building Programme (RECAP) by International Development Law Organization (IDLO) with World Health Organization (WHO) 2021.

NIROGI Lanka project operates an evidence-based holistic mechanism under the supervision of the Ministry of Health addressing lifestyle determinants related to food habits, physical inactivity, mental health & tobacco and alcohol use. Since 2009 NIROGI Lanka has been playing a major role based on the Health Promotion approach to address nationwide NCD determinants and supporting national action plan on NCD prevention.

A program was developed with a virtual series of exercise and health promotion programs to build capacities and train leaders on physical activity (PA) training/promotion and establish a community network. Following are the objectives developed by NIROGI Lanka , Directorate of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) Ministry of Health and Child fund Sri Lanka. The Two month process was completed throughout October to December 2021.


Objective 1: To develop a capacity building program on physical activity promotion targeting CSOs (Theme – Be Active; Be Healthy – Active Lanka)

  • Review the existing guidelines and local experience in collaboration with an expert, NIROGI Lanka project/SLMA and Directorate of NCD, Ministry of Health.
  • Identify the strategies to promote Physical activities among CSOs.
  • Development of IEC material.
  • Preparation of a Plan of Action.

Objective 2: Create awareness among Civil Society Organizations

  • Identify and mapping/categorization of the CSO in collaboration with Scaling Up Nutrition People’s Forum (SUN PF).
  • Organizing orientation and introduction sessions for CSOs in collaboration with NIROGI Lanka project/SLMA and Directorate of NCD, Ministry of Health.

Objective 3:   To conduct the capacity building programs using traditional and online technology to support knowledge, skills and behavior change on physical activity promotion of CSO leaders, families and members

 Organizing and conduct district level capacity building programs for the CSOs in collaboration with NIROGI Lanka project/SLMA and Directorate of NCD, Ministry of Health.

  • Develop a plan of action in two folds; 1. Own personal plan and 2. Plan for the community level.
  • Introduction of a mechanism to conduct the activities, monitor, evaluate and report back i.e. to HLCs/NIROGI Lanka Project.

Objective 4. To conduct, follow up and sustain online exercise programs engaging CSO leaders’ families and members

  • Development of online exercise programs.
  • Screening, conduct and follow up of supervised activity.
  • Identify unsupervised activities and link with HLCs/NIROGI Lanka Project.
  • Incorporation of activities to individual CSO agenda.

Objective 5: To establish a sustainable mechanism linking CSO programs with the national Healthy Lifestyle Center (HLC) program

  • Stakeholders’ awareness on the developed module and the strategies identified.
  • Identify the existing systems and structures e.g., Healthy Lifestyle Centers of Ministry of Health, Active Lanka project NIROGI SLMA, SUN CSOs.
  • Linking the program with the relevant designated officers e.g., MONCD, MO HLC, PHNO, HPO.
  • Appointing CSO coordinators, NIROGI HPOs, and CSO leaders.


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